can someone check this for me????

Thanks I really appreciate it!!!!!

Calcium Chloride
Melting Point: 772 °C (anhydrous)
Solubility (water): highly soluble in water
Solubility (Ethanol): Soluble
Conductivity: ATC mode: 183.25
Citric Acid
Melting Point: 153 °C (426 K)
Solubility (water): insoluble
Solubility (Ethanol): Soluble
Conductivity: None
Phenyl Salicylate
Melting Point: 41°C
Solubility (water): Insoluble
Solubility (Ethanol): soluble
Conductivity: None
Potassium Iodide
Melting Point: 680 °C (953 K)
Solubility (water): Soluble
Solubility (Ethanol): Soluble
Conductivity: ATC mode: 131.23
Sodium Chloride
Melting Point: 801 °C (1074 K)
Solubility (water): Soluble
Solubility (Ethanol): Soluble
Conductivity: ATC mode: 296.81
Melting Point: 186°C (? K)
Solubility (water): Soluble
Solubility (Ethanol): Soluble
Conductivity: None

I don't know your reference but you have a lot of info there. However, I think you need to relook at the solubility of citric acid in water. My reference says it is soluble and it has so many OH and COOH groups that I would expect it to be soluble in water, too.

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  1. I had to do the same exact lab...

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    posted by asagga

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