Find the inner product of and if = 3, 0, –1 and = 4, –2, 5, and state whether the vectors are perpendicular.

30. Find the inner product of and if and , and state whether the vectors are perpendicular.

Please help !! i am so confused and lost.

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  1. Your typing did not come out the way you probably intended, but I am guessing your have two vertors
    (3,0,-1) and (4,-2,5) and are taking the dot product

    inner product or dot product = 3(4) + 0(-2) + (-1)(5)
    = 12 + 0 - 5 = 7

    if the dot product is zero, then the two vectors are perpendicular.
    Since our answer obviously is not zero, then .....

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  2. Find the inner product of vectors a and b if a = (3, 0, –1) and b = (4, –2, 5,) and state whether the vectors are perpendicular.

    Find the inner product of vectors a and b if a=(4,-2,-2) and b= (-7,-2,4) , and state whether the vectors are perpendicular.

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  3. Horre, I did the question for you.
    Did you not read it ???

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  4. it says there should be more than one answer.. im so confused.

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