1. Ronnie has 4 pennies and 5 dimes in her pocket. How much money does she have in all?

2. Sophie picked 7 apples ad gave 2 to Jules. Ho may does she have left?

3. Melville is 104 miles east from Seville. Medburg is 206 miles east of Seville. How many miles is Medburg from Melville?

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  1. 1. Think. Five times ten is? Don't forget to add four!
    2. Subtract seven from two. Simple problem.
    3. Can't help you with that :))

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  2. well for 2 I would subtract two from seven

    draw a little map for 3 and you will see that you must add 206 to 104

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  3. 3. I'll help you now. Add the miles!!

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