Jeremy is building a deck for the community center. The deck is shaped as rectangle. The width of the deck is 29ft. The perimeter of the deck is to be at least 134ft. Write an inequality that represents all possible values of the length of the deck. Find all possible values for the length of the deck.

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  1. W = 29 ft

    P = 134 ft

    P = 2 L + 2 W = 2 ( L + W )

    P > 134 ft

    2 ( L + 29 ) > 134

    2 L + 58 > 134 Substract 58 to both sides

    2 L + 58 - 58 > 134 - 58

    2 L > 76 Divide both sides by 2

    L > 38 ft

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  2. One correction in second line .

    P > 134 ft

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  3. 120

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