What main points do you think I should include in my essay ("Why I should be in this advanced class")? I've written most of it. The topic was so general that I am not sure that I've hit all the points I should have. Could you provide some points that you find should be included in my essay? This would be very helpful; I would like this essay to be the best that it can be.

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  1. I would be pleased to see a student say that he/she was looking for adventure and a challenge. I look at taking advanced classes in the same way I look at daring something that one has never done- climbing Mt Fuji, dancing the samba ( half scary, half fun, half dare)

    I am not particularly impressed by students who are hoping to impress colleges by taking AP classes.

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  2. I need help with a outlining and organizing the argument. the topic is legalized drugs

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    posted by Brenda

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