Help! Science....

Please help me check if I did my homework right base on a picture of picking strawberry farm.
1. Activity Investigation Picture

Scientific Method:
I. Perceiving the Problem
Are these people a worker in a farm?

II. Research
a. Wearing different style of clothes
b. Different ages
c. Wearing a tennis shoes
d. An area of land
e. Growing crops
f. Strawberry fruits

Formulating Hypothesis
It looks like these people are worker in a farm.

III. Observation
Sense of Sight

IV. Experiment
a. Materials: picture
b. Procedure:
1. Observing the pictures carefully
2. Recording what is been observe
c. Variable: people in a farm
1. Independent variable: people
2. Dependent Variable: farm
d. Control group: farm

V. Data:
Based on the research this are the data that has been gathered. People are wearing different style of clothes, they are in different ages, they are wearing a tennis shoes, there is an area of land, there are growing crops and strawberry fruits.

VI. Results

VII. Conclusion
These people are not a worker in a farm because of the research and data that has been gathered.

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