I am trying to write a thesis statement for a research paper I have to write. The paper is over C. Diff this is a disease.
Here are my ideas I am just not sure that either are even written correctly.

1. Deaths caused by Cloustridium Difficiule are preventable.

2. Simple changes in the medicine can prevent the costs of Cloustridium Difficiule.

I never wrote thing like this in High School!

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  1. Is this the disease -- Clostridium difficile ?

    Both thesis sentences are good. If you intend to write about how this disease can be prevented, use the first sentence. If you intend to write only about changes in medicine, not other preventive measures, use the second sentence.

    This site should help you.


  2. Thank you I looked at it and have changed the thesis to this.

    Since the first case of C.Diff in 1935, all the lives lost and money spent could all have been prevented.

    Does this sound better?

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  3. Your last sentence is confusing about what could have been prevented.

    It's not as clear as your first sentence.

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