physics-please help

A child of height 1.2 metres stands 3 metres from the foot of a lamp post of height 2.8 metres, at the top of which there is a small source which can be considered as a point. What is the length of the shadow cast by the child upon the ground?

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  1. Now Sabrina,
    We did the previous problem for you. It is very similar to this problem. Please try it. It is really just trig.

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  2. is it
    D/5.8= 1.2/2.8
    D= (5.8x1.2)/2.8
    D= 2.48m

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  3. can someone help? i am really struggling

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  4. could i have a clue or a starting point please?

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  5. 2.8/(3+x) = 1.2/x,
    2.8• x =1.2•3+1.2•x,
    x=3.6/1.6=2.25 m

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