Numerical & Proportional Reasoning

Kendra traveled to Europe and Japan on a buisness trip. In europe, she exchanged 300 U.S dollars for euros and spent 100 euros. she went to Japan and exchanged her remaining euros for yen. She spent 10,000 yen while in Japan.

the exchange rate during the time she traveled is shown below...

1.00 us dollar= 0.821774 euro
1.00 us dollar= 110.565 japanese yen

kendra will exchange her remaining yen for us dollars. how much money in us dollars will she receive?

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asked by ashley
  1. first: $300US = 300x0.821774= 246.53euro.

    she spent 100euro, so she had 146.53 euro left going to Japan.

    then you can change 146.53 euro back to US dollar. 146.53 euro = (146.53/0.821774)=178.31US dollar

    then change US dollar to Yen, therefore

    173.31 US= 173.31 x (110.565)= 19162.02 yen

    she spent 10,000yen, she will have 9,162.02yen left.

    after that you can change 9,162.02yen back to US dollar

    good luck

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    posted by Amanda

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