Can you help me figure out how to write a theme PLEASE?????

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  1. A theme is another word for an essay. Here's what you need:

    A good thesis statement. This is the one sentence in your paper that states your main topic and the position you are taking on it. It normally appears as the last sentence in your introduction so that it leads right into the paragraphs in the body of your paper.

    Three or four main ideas to support your thesis statement. Each of these main ideas should turn into a fully developed paragraph, in which you give details, examples, and your interpretation of those details/examples.

    A good, tight conclusion. In this paragraph, you want to echo the ideas in your thesis statement and the body of your paper, but you should be able to do this without restating any sentences verbatim.

    All three of these sites also have all kinds of information about grammar, usage, and effective writing (sentences, etc.).

    Once you get your paper written, feel free to post it if you'd like someone here to proofread and/or comment on it.


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