What Makes A Good Math Teacher?

I think a good math teacher is someone who can explain math topics at the level of students.

A good math teacher is someone who does not try to impress students with his or her math skills (college math professors are famous for boasting).

In your opinion, what makes a good math teacher?

asked by Guido
  1. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. This is not the first time this question has been asked. For ANY teacher, it is important to know the subject but to be able to relate to the students!

    1. (Broken Link Removed)

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    But, don't settle for good, try for great!

    posted by SraJMcGin
  2. Good math teachers are similar to good ____(enter subject you wish)____ teacher:

    1. Must have an excellent command of his/her subject matter.
    2. Must be able to teach the concepts to students, not just tell students what to do. There's a big difference!

    Here are some additional ideas:
    (Broken Link Removed)

    Someone who knows the subject matter inside and out, but cannot TEACH it, no matter what the grade level, needs to go work for a publisher or researcher or something!!



    posted by Writeacher
  3. Someone who is eternally patient with those to whom math equals a language not spoken on Earth, who is working like they are demented but still 'doesn't get it'. Someone who can find 57 ways (patiently) to explain the same concept. Who applauds with every step toward "the light". Someone who knows that there are some people to whom "x" will never be anything other than the letter most often found after "e"

    posted by GuruBlue
  4. If you can explain a topic to a student in such a way that the student thinks: "Wow, that's interesting I'm going to try similar problems myself", then you have succeeded.

    Math is learned by the student him/herself when he sits down at his desk with his paper and pencil doing math.

    We tend to underestimate what the students themselves can figure out and overestimate the explaining a teacher has to do. This leads to the students dumbing down.

    Many 9 year old kids play computer games that require more logic than the average university level math problem. So, perhaps we should just make math more interesting...

    posted by Count Iblis
  5. This looks like a discussion instead of help topic:) I will add that I am pursuing a career in the IT field and struggle deeply in math. But I would love to say one day that Math is a piece of cake.

    posted by James
  6. a good math teacher should be attentive and patient to students and ensure that all their questions are answered pertinently.enjoy math!

    posted by orenge a.
  7. a math teacher is there to make your life miserable. But if they have candy u good

    posted by DEH SNEK
  8. a teacher that lets you eat chips in class

    posted by DEHSNEK

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