Algebra 1

what are the length and width of a rectangle if the area is 13.5 square units and the length of one side is .5 the measure of the perimeter?

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asked by Christina
  1. Ok so we the the area A=13.5 units^2 and we know one side is .5 units. The formula for area of a rectangle is A=LW so we put 13.5=L*.5 and this gives us 13.5/.5=L so L=27 and the perimeter P is just the four sides added up P=2L+2W P=2(27)+2(.5)

    posted by Kirk
  2. side 1 --- x
    side 2 --- y
    perimeter = 2x + 2y

    x = (1/2)(2x+2y) = x+y
    y = 0

    silly question!

    A side cannot be .5 or 1/2 the measure of the perimeter, just think about it

    check your wording of the question.

    posted by Reiny

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