Spanish help

This is a written assignment. Will someone please help check whether it is grammatically correct.

Think of where you live in relation to the nearest airport. Write down directions on how to arrive at the airport from your house, using the command form of the verbs and por and para.

My Answer: Para ir a la aeropuerto:
1. Ir a la derecha en la Avenida Lincoln
2. A continuación, ir por el puente Cypress.
3. A continuación, ir a la izquierda en la calle de Washington.
4. A continuación, ir por el tren a Long Beach.
5. La aeropuerto está en Long Beach.
6. Para navigar por Long Beach, utilizar un taxi.
7. Por un taxi, llegar a aeropuerto.

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asked by cris
  1. I'll send this to our Spanish expert, SraJMcGin.

  2. Be careful with gender. If you aren't sure of a word, look it up in a dictionary. "el aeropuerto"

    Para ir AL aeropuerto:
    1. yes, or instead of "en" you could use "por" = along
    *Note: The directions say to use the command form of the verbs. It doesn't say if you should use usted, ustedes or tú, but it is most likely that you will use Ud. (I'm assuming you had no model to follow.)
    Vaya a la derecha por (en) la Avenida Lincoln.

    2. vaya por el puente

    3. vaya a la izquierda

    4. vaya por el tren

    5. EL aeropuerto

    6. utilice (-zar verbs change to c before e or i)

    7. llegue (-gar verbs change to gu before e or i)


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