Math (Geometry)

"The graph shows types of trash in a typical American city. Find the measure of each central angle to the nearest whole number." (I do not want all the answers, I just want to know HOW to get them so I will only post the first three problems that corresponds with the graph)
1.Glass (On the graph glass is at 6%)
2.Metals (On the graph metals is at 8%)
3.Plastics (On the graph plastics is at 10%)
Please help because I am SO STUCK!!!

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  1. There are 360 degrees in a full circle.

    6% of 360 degrees = .06 * 360 = 21.6 degrees = 22 degrees to nearest degree

    .08 * 360 = 29 degrees etc.

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  2. See that's exactly what I thought, the 22% one was #1 but when I checked it in the back of the book it said it should be 25. Could the book be wrong? (It also says #3 should be 32)

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  3. Well, you sure have me puzzled :)

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  4. Yeah it left me clueless too, oh well, I will just have to hope I get them right. XD

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  5. Yes! The answer you provided on this website is true! I confirmed with my Geometry teacher that the answer in the book for #1 is in fact wrong... it is a typo.

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