writing project

Your aunt arrives with a huge box. You hear strange noises coming from the box. Write a story about what’s inside.

what i wrote:
every monday, my aunt would come and visit me.everytime my aunt visits me, she would always have something special for me. This monday was different.when my aunt came to visit me today, she was holding a huge box. I heard strange noises coming from it.There was a BOOM! and and a WHOOSH! My aunt said that inside this box was something magical.When I opened the huge box,right at the very bottom was a lamp, not just any lamp, a magical lamp.

(((plzzz help me finish the story)))

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  1. To start, you need correct capitalization.

    The magical lamps in some stories grant the owner three wishes. You could write a paragraph about each of your three wishes and what you did with what you got.

  2. The person above is a fake Ms. Sue.

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