A block of mass m 1 sits at rest on a table over a hole in the table. From below the table, a
bullet of mass m 2 is fired vertically upwards into the block. The bullet imbeds itself in the block.
The block and bullet rise to a maximum height h. What is the bullet’s initial speed? Answer in
terms of m 1, m 2, h, and g.

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  1. The law of conservation of linear momementum
    m1•v +0=(m1+m2) •u
    v=(m1+m2) •u/m1.
    The law of conservation of energy
    (m1+m2) •u²/2=(m1+m2) •g•h,
    v=(m1+m2) •u/m1= (m1+m2) •sqrt(2•g•h)/ m1.

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