Researchers found that a ________ is more important and is the key to losing weight rather than a popular one.

A. Fad diet

B. Low-carb diet

C. Stick-to-it diet

D. Counting calories diet


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  1. I agree.

  2. thanks :)

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  3. You're welcome.

  4. stick-to-it diet

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  5. D is wrong. :(

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  6. Ms. sue agree to every thing she don't be knowin her damn self

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  7. lol for real shakileya

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  8. I did the text 2 times and got it wrong both times.
    1st- D. Counting calories diet- WRONG
    2nd- B. Low-carb diet- Also WRONG
    So its ether-
    A. Fad diet
    C. Stick-to-it diet

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  9. thE correct answer is C yall

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  10. Stick to it diet. Just finished my test and got 100% with that answer. Additionally here is the link to one of the sections I was to read: ""
    The name of the page is A “Stick-to-It” Diet Is More Important Than a Popular One

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  11. how do you lose weight?

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