spanish help

combine items below to create questions

Tu/querer/estudiar/conmigo/en la biblioteca

Tu quierres estudia conmigo en la biblioteca.

Ustedes/poder/comprar/refrescos/para la fiesta

I am confused on this one??????

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  1. Remember that they are asking for questions. The verb must come first.

    Tu/querer/estudiar/conmigo/en la biblioteca

    Quieres (tu) estudiar conmigo en la biblioteca ?

    Ustedes/poder/comprar/refrescos/para la fiesta

    Pueden Uds. comprar refrescos para a fiesta?

    Wait for the definitive answer from SraMcGin. I can't type accents and upside down ?'s

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  2. i have to right out the word ustedes is that correct

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  3. To play it safe, write it out. I was taught to abbreviate it, and am not sure about the capitalization.

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  4. Thank you for working on this as I slept! Note I get up early now, Sam, to catch you before you go to school!

    Statement word order = subject + verb = tú piensas

    Question word order = verb + subject = ¿piensas tú...?

    As for the abbreviation for usted/ustedes, it has a very interesting story. In the olden days (don Quijote, for example) it was "vuestra merced" = your mercy/grace. Of course that was too cumbersome to write so it was originally shortened to vd/Vd but that could have an unpleasant connotation, so it has modernized to ud/Ud. So, should you ever want the abbreviation, Ud./Uds or Vd/Vds. is it!


    P.S. When you write it out "usted" and "ustedes" is correct, unless it is the first word in a sentence; then it is capitalized. (Usted/Ustedes)

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