I just need a little guidance on where to begin, can someone help me please.

Do you agree that for police action to be "just," it must recognize the rights of individuals while at the same time hold them accountable to the social obligations defined by law? Support your position.

Have the courts provided adequate protection to citizens against overzealous police officers? In which areas of search and seizure and interrogation law do you think the courts have not gone far enough? In which areas do you think the courts have gone too far? Support your answers.

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  1. The answer to the first question seems obvious. The U.S. Constitution guarantees equal treatment under the law.

    For the second question, consider the plights of many of the poor snd racial minorities in the courts. Do all defendants have competent reprepresentation? What about the federal government bypassing Constitutional mandates for freedom of speech?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Thanks Ms. Sue!

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