is the first one B and the second question A ??

1.Which one of the following leadership styles could be best characterized by the
statement β€œLet George do it”?
A. Contingent C. Democratic
B. Laissez-faire D. Autocratic

2. According to the Managerial Grid, which basic style of management has a high concern
for people and a low concern for production?
A. Country club management
B. Authority-obedience management
C. Organization man management
D. Team management

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asked by lana
  1. I disagree with both of your answers.

    I suggest you reread your text for answers to these questions.

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. the first one I thought they want to allow ppl within the group to make all decisions , that how i based my answer.
    the second one could , thoughtful attention to needs of ppl for satisfying relationsips leas to a comfortable friendly atm...

    plz let me know what the correct answer is

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    posted by lana

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. 1. D
    2. C

    plz let me know

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    posted by lana
  5. What wild guesses!

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  6. to be honest with u i was convinced with my first answers, but i wanted to double check, when u said they're not correct i got confused... could u plz help me

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    posted by lana
  7. #2 is A

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    posted by B
  8. Ms. Sue you made her confused. That's not nice.

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    posted by Carey
  9. sue you are using Wikipedia. people change those things. second you are confusing someone if you here to help then help not make someone more confused or not feel smart because thy don't know the answer

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    posted by emmy
  10. D and a

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    posted by Nasty Nate
  11. D and B

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    posted by sangeeta

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