programming Please respond

input a list of positive numbers terminated by 0 into a array. find the mean of the numbers in the array and output the result. use a subprogram to input numbers a function to find the mean and a subprogram to output the result.

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  1. All programming problems will be responded if you
    1. show your work, and
    2. specify clearly what help you might need.

    We will be pleased to help you debug, correct your pseudocode, help you find logic errors, etc.

    Programming is a knowledge which is acquired by doing the work. If you don't get your fingers wet (and make lots of mistakes), you might as well change your career to administrator or something else.

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  2. you are rude to say that I have to change my career to adminstarotor. That is not very nice.

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  3. Rude or not is a subjective comment, so you have the right to the freedom of expression.

    In fact, an administrator is a highly prestigeous position. Why would anyone get offended by that?

    All I wanted to say was if you don't actually get involved in actually programming, there is no hope you will succeed in the field.

    I have yet to see a single programmer who has never programmed before.

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  4. nick, you have a lot of attitude for someone who is asking for free help.

    (And you didn't even say if you needed pseudocode or working code in a particular language.)

    Don't bother posting it now, because I won't help a bratty ingrate with a huge sense of entitlement.

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  5. Input a list of positive numbers , terminated by 0 into an array find the mean (average) of the numbers in the array and output the result. Use a subprogram to input the numbers, a function to find the mean and a subprogram to output the result. pseudecode language

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