I am doing research project. it is about political speeches.
I should find about "benefit seekers". what is benefit seekers mean? and what kind of sentence should I find. give me some examples. thank you.

You can find out more about the quotation below from this site.

"In a real deal, or a contract, as we know, each of the parties undertakes to do something in return for the undertakings of the other parties. Here we may think of a contract like this: The party says that it will give favors to the members of the target group in return for their votes, and the members of the target group say that they will vote for the party in return for the favors. Obviously there is no contract like this, but there is something that may be considered as an approximation, and it is interesting to see how this approximation differs from the imagined real contract. "

Essentially , in politics, a benefit seeker is one who will contribute money, influence or vote in order to achieve a "benefit" (eg. a favor, power)

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asked by cc

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