I need help with these problems:
11. The 2 captains of the school football team meet with the 3 captains of another team for the coin toss. If each captain shakes hands with each captain from the opposing team, how many different handshakes occur?

14. Find the maximum area of a rectangle with a perimeter of 144 inches.

35. Determine if the conjecture is true or false based on the given information-- Given: Point P is in the interior of <KJQ
Conjecture: m<KJP is congruent to m<PJQ

40. If two points lie in a plane, the line containing them ______.
a. intersects the plane once
b. lies in the same plane
c. is skew
d. does not intersect the plane

41. A plane and a point not on the plane are ____ coplanar.
a. always
b. sometimes
c. never
d. not enough information to tell


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  1. I will not answer 11. You can figure it out by drawing lines between captains on a piece of paper.

    14. You could guess a square but to prove it:
    2 x + 2 y = 144
    y = 72-x
    A = x y = x(72-x)
    x^2 - 72 x = -A
    x^2- 72 x + 1296 = -(A-1296)
    (x-36)^2 = -(A-1296)
    vertex at x = 36, Area = 1296,
    36 * 4 = 144 so square 36 on a side with area = 1296

    I will not answer 35. Again draw it on a piece of paper.

    40 are two points on your desk top in the same plane??? If you draw the line between them is it on the desk top?

    41. Is a point not on your desk top on your desk top or not?

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    posted by Damon

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