For this class, the first quiz had a mean of 90.4% with a standard deviation od 16.6%. The homework scores have a mean of 81.7% with a standard deviation of 22.28%. Suppose you scored 90% on quiz one and have a homework total of 84%.

A)are the reported means and standard deviations, parameters or statistics? explain

b)a student is chosen at random. His homework scores are higher than 65% of the class. find his homework score.

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asked by lauren
  1. A) sorry, never took the subject so do not know the words, am physics major.

    homework mean = 81.7
    homework s = 22.28

    on a normal distribution table, 65% of class is below mean + .4 sigma = 81.7+8.912 = 90.6
    so his score is above 90.6

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    posted by Damon

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