Plz help me someone iv been working hard and i can't get this i have not much time to finish this but im doing a projecta nd im looking for greek Myhological allusions in plant names like the narcasis flower or animal names like arachnids get their names form arachne.

Somone plz help any help is apreciated like a link or suggestion.

Do you have a biology text arround? Most spiecies names have the roots you are looking for.

From a google search under plant mythology names :)

An example related to mythology has surprised me. It is about a woman originating in Haiti, she fell pregnant and did not worry about the choice of the first name of his/her child. With the birth, the small girl hardly weighed more than one kilo. She lived her childbirth like that of a baby miracle. And without reflecting A fore-mentioned Chloé Grace. But never knew why it makes this choice and which was the origin of this double first name. Chloé A returned just to a name of perfume (Narcisse).

Chloé is a first name appeared in the Thirties in France at the same time as Daphné (he also of mythological origin). It comes from young Greek the "plants". It would have been given to a mythological plant whose seed remained a long time under ground before germinating then pushed very quickly.

We find a double mythological association, Chloé with Narcisse, Chloé with the plant.

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asked by Amel

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