What is the definition of amine salts?

My answer is:
Amino salts are the neutralization reaction when amine deals with a base and reacts with an acid they mold into them. More in depth the amine salts form when a single pair of electrons on a nitrogen atom accepts a proton H+ from an acid.

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asked by Lisa
  1. That doesn't sound too bad but I get confused with the first sentence. Deals with is not very clear as to its meaning and then we throw acids into the mixture. I would consider modifying the first sentence to something like this.
    Amine salts are the product of the reaction between an amine and an acid.
    Then continue with the last sentence. I would place the H^+ between commas; e.g., ........atom accepts a proton, H^+, from .....

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  2. One last by the way....
    Remember that the salt is not just the cation, in this case RNH3^+, but consists of the anion, too. RNH3Cl would the the salt of RNH2 + HCl ==> RNH3Cl. It is an ionic compound, that's why it is usually soluble in water, and consists of RNH3^+ + Cl^-.

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