This is the question that is on my worksheet

If Stephanie is scheduledto begin practiceat 12:30p.m., what is the latest time in which she could start getting ready to leave?
How long does it take Stephanie to get ready? How long does it take Stephanie to get from where she is getting ready to where she starts practice at 12:30 p.m.? And nothing in your posts gives that information? Do you have that information on your worksheet? Or does your worksheet tell you where that information can be found? If no to both questions, then it is impossible to answer such a question. How long does it take me to eat supper? is the same kind of question you are asking.
I'm trying to help but it takes two to tango.

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  1. U can't solve this question because u don't have the information u need. So it is basically impossible to solve this question.

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