(a) Two microwave frequencies are authorized for use in microwave ovens: 900 and 2560 MHz. Calculate the wavelength of each.
1 cm (frequency = 900 MHz)
2 cm (frequency = 2560 MHz)
(b) Which frequency would produce smaller hot spots in foods due to interference effects?
3 MHz

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  1. (a)
    λ1=c/f1 =3•10^8/900•10^6 =0.33 m =33 cm.
    λ2=c/f2 = 3•10^8/2560•10^6 =0.12 m =12 cm
    (b) 2560 MHz

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  2. 12 didn't work

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  3. oh its 11.7! got it
    thank you!

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