1 a cyclist moving on a circular track of radius 100m completes one revolution in 2 minutes what is his average speed and average velocity in one full revolution.
2 moving with uniform acceleration a body covers150m during 10 sec so that it covers 24m during the 10th sec wat is the initial velocity and acceleration of the bdy

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  1. 1. Average speed = total distance travelled/ total time taken = 2•π•100/2•60 = 5.24 m/s,
    Displacement is the distance from starting point to the end point.
    Average velocity = final displacement/total time taken = 0/t =0.

    s =vₒ•t +a•t²/2,
    v(9) = vₒ +a•9,
    24 =v(9) •1 + a•1²/2 =
    =vₒ +a•9 + a•1²/2 =
    = vₒ +9.5•a.
    s =vₒ•t +a•t²/2 =>
    150 = vₒ•10+ a•100/2 =
    = 10• vₒ + 50•a.

    24= vₒ +9.5•a,
    150= 10• vₒ + 50•a.
    45° = 90,
    a = 2 m/s².
    vₒ = 24-9.5 •a = 5 m/s.

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  2. average speed = total distance /total time
    radius=50m so circumference=2*22/7*50
    = 311.43/4

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  3. 100meter and 4 min

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