A net charge of 47 mC passes through the cross-sectional area of a wire in 19.0 s.
(a) What is the current in the wire?
1 A
(b) How many electrons pass the cross-sectional area in 1.0 min?
2 . electrons
I got 9.3e+22 for B but its wrong

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  1. I =q/t = 47•10^-3 / 19 = 2.47•10^-3 A,
    Q =I•t1 = 2.47•10^-3•60 =0.148 C
    N = Q/e =0.148/1.6•10^-19 = 9.24•10^17.

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  2. I put in 0.148 in for A and its wrong? and I put 9.24e+18 for B and its wrong?

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