please help I can't get these lost few words thank you
I need the prefix and suffix and the Combining form for each word if there is one thank you so much ahead of time for your help

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  1. If you just use an online dictionary, or most printed dictionaries, you will get the separate prefix and suffix meanings and origins as well as the word itself. Example:

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  2. Etym (word history)/ology (study of)

    Mast (breast)/ectomy (removal)

    Neur (nerve)/oma (tumor)

    Tachy (rapid)/cardia (heart[rate])

    Endo (inner)/ trachea (tubes leading to lungs)/-al (adjective suffix)

    If you are going to be doing more of this, I would suggest getting a book on medical terminology. They are relatively inexpensive in paperback. Some of these can be found in an online or hardbound dictionary.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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