How can I solve for y in terms of the other variables???
I tried many times, but I just get y=6,can't express y in terms of variables.
Can anyone please correct me or teach me?THANKS A LOT!

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  1. The denominator of the left side factors to
    (a-2)(a-3) which just happen to be found as denominators on the right side.

    if we multiply both sides by (a-2)(a-3) we get
    y - 2 = (a+1)(a-2) - (a+2)(a-3)

    expand the right sided, take the -2 over to the right side, and collect your like terms.
    You are done!

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  2. that means that still equal to 6 right?

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  3. gee, I guess you are right!

    both the a^2 and the a term drop out.

    I should have finished my solution, :)

    y = 6 !!!!

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  4. however,6 is not a variable..the question is asking to solve for y in terms of other variables

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  5. why don't you state in your solution that the variables canceled out?
    Trust your math!

    In this case you were not able to solve in terms of the other variable.
    In other words y was not a function of a

    I suppose one could get silly and write

    y = 6 + 0a

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