physical science

I have been working on my homework for science for a while now and I just wanted to see if I got any questions wrong. Can someone help me by checking what problems i got wrong. My parent told me that I have at least 5 problems wrong. Can someone point them out for me and help me with them please :-)

Match the key terms or concepts with the most appropriate definition or description.chemistry chemical change physical change energy
A. Elements are
B. Molecules in a gas are
C. A gas has
D. The electrons form
E. Atoms are
F. A solid has
G. Molecules in a liquid are
H. An element's atomic number is
I. Elements make up
J. A liquid has
K. Protons and neutrons make up
L. Plasma is
M. Compounds are
N. Atoms and molecules in a solid are
O. A molecule is
P. An element cannot be
Q. A compound is

(O)(generally) the smallest particle of a compound that has all the chemical properties of that compound

(L) highly ionized gas containing ions and electrons

(K) the nucleus of an atom

(N) made up of electons, protons, and neutrons

(Q) a chemical substance of two or more different elements

(F) definite volume and definite shape

(I) all matter

(H) determined by the number of protons in its nucleus

(A) broken down into different kinds of matter

(J) definite volume but no definite shape

(E)the much larger electron cloud surrounding the nucleus

(M)close together, have a fixed spatial ordering, move slightly

(B) widely separated, move around freely, and move at high speeds

(G) loosely connected to each other and can move around slowly

(C) no definite shape or volume

(D) identified by their atomic number

(P) usually expressed by a chemical formula

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  1. Ummm...... I hope u got them all right!!

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