Math 8th Grade

I would greatly appreciate it if someone would please be kind enough to take the time and show me how to work these problems. Thank you very much

Solve by finding y and graph using the slope and y-intercept:

3x-y=1(My answer -y=3x+1)which is wrong
could not graph it.

x-y=3 (My Answer y=x-3) which is wrong
could not graph it

3x-8=y(My Answer -6x+2y=-16)
graph (0,8) (1,5) which is wrong

Use the point-slope from of an equation to write the following in slope intercept form:
m= 3/8 point: (3,5) (I did not try this one at all)

asked by Please help me
  1. 3x-y = 1
    y = 3x - 1

    x-y = 3
    y = x - 3

    3x-8 = y
    y = 3x - 8

    in each case, y=mx+b where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept.

    now that you have the y-intercept, the x-intercept is where y=0

    On the first one,

    y = 3x-1
    0 = 3x-1
    x = 1/3

    so, plot (0,-1) and (1/3,0) and draw a line between them.

    Similarly for the others. just get the x-intercept and draw a line between the intercepts.

    posted by Steve

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