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A satellite, B, is 17,000 miles from the horizon of Earth. Earth’s radius is about 4,000 miles. Find the approximate distance the satellite is from the Earth’s surface.

{The picture is a circle with point O in the center, point C is on the top center edge of the circle, point a is on the upper left side of the circle and point B is outside of the circle above the circle and point C.}

13,464 miles
17,464 miles
20,957 miles
21,000 miles

Thank You so much! I'm sorry I couldn't get the picture to post, but i hope the description will help! I would really appreciate your help, I am having a hard time understanding how to solve this.

THank you :)

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  1. I visualize a right triangle, you know two sides: 4000 miles, and 17,000 miles. Solve for the hypotenuse, and subtract 4,000

    hypotenuse=sqrt(4^2 + 17^2)=17,464

    now subtract 4,000 miles.

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  2. THank You! you helped a lot :)

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  3. The answer is A 13,464

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  4. Just took the test. These are the answers.
    1. 44
    2. 74
    3. 13,464
    4. 3.5
    5. 9.2
    6. 56
    7. 69.5
    8. 84

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  5. 100%! Thanks Anonymous!

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  6. Anon above me is still right in 2020

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  7. Just did quiz Anon's answers are 100%

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  10. Anonymous is 100% rights thanks!!!!! <3

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