15. In Langston Hughes’s short story “Why, You Reckon?” what motivates the narrator to get involved in a scheme to rob a white person? (1 point)
greed—he wants to earn more money in order to buy nicer things
hunger—he needs the money to buy more food
anger—he is angry at the separation of wealth between white and black
oppression—he wants to use the money to better his low status in life

16. A cleverly worded statement that reveals truth is (1 point)

17. In “Mending Wall” the neighbors meet in the spring to repair the wall. One speaker does not see the necessity of the wall, yet he is the one who repairs the wall throughout the year in order to maintain it. What is this figurative element called when a character seems to do the opposite of what is expected? (1 point)

My answers

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asked by Jasmine
  1. c b c

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    posted by Anonymous
  2. the last is irony! :)

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    posted by anon
  3. The first is not C it’s B

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    posted by Cas

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