A right cicular cylindrical can is to be constructed to have a volume of 57.749 cubic inches (one quart). The sides of the can are to be formed by rolling and welding a strip of metal, which may be purchased in rolls with width equal to the desired height of the can. The material for the sides costs 20 cents per square foot. The welding cost is 1.1 cents per inch. Top and bottom of the can are circles cut from hexagons to minimize the waste. the width of the hexagon is the diameter of the can plus 0.4 inches. the extra inches is crimpled over the sides to form the seal. Crimping costs are 1.6 cents per inch and the material for the ends sells for 30 cents per square foot. The metal for the ends of the cans may be purchased in a rolls which allows for exactly 4 hexagons and exactly 3 hexagons in alternate strips. Find the dimensions of the most economical can which can be constructed to meet these specifications.

I answered this elsewhere. You must have posted it twice, under different names.

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