Science Project

Do people prefer higher priced chocolate bars considered a Science Experiment?

I plan to test one low, med and high priced chocolate to 10 blind folded taste testers.

My mom doesn't think this is science?

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asked by Lynn
  1. ummmm im not sure but do you want this questioned answered as a problem?
    p.s. yes it is science because you are testing if the price has to do with the concentration of certain ingredients like cocoa

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  2. Hi, question is

    Do people prefer higher priced chocolate?

    So going to have people taste test 3 chocolcate low price, medium and high price. Have them pick which one they like 1st, 2nd and 3rd. My prediction is people will like the higher priced chococlate because the reason it is higher priced is the quality of the cocoa beans and the way it is processed.

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    posted by Lynn
  3. I think this is an excellent science project -- but the ultimate expert is your teacher.

    Please make sure you have a large enough sample -- at least 20 people -- and more if possible.

  4. Another tip. With this type of study it is worth thinking in advance what you will do with the results. Are you going to compare for example male v female and/or age ranges? These will have an impact on how large your population size needs to be which I think Ms. Sue was getting at.

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    posted by Dr Russ

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