3 grade english ms sue

compare and contrast

when you compare and contrast two or more things,you tell how they are alike and different.
some clue words that signal that things might be the same are like,same,both,also,and as well as.
some clue words that signal differences are but,however,different,and instead of.

directions read the following passage. then answer the questions below.

Three langguages are spoken most in the worls. they are chinese, english,and spanish. almost one billion people in the world speak chinese. that is more than any other language. the number of people who speak english and spanish are almost the same. when you write english and spanish, you use the same letters. some of the sounds are different,however.

when you write chinese,you use symbols. some of the symbols mean sounds. some of the symbols mean words. and some of the symbols mean whole ideas.

it's easier to learn a language when people in your family speak it. then you hear it all the time. what languages do the people in your family speak?

1- which languages are being compared?

my son write- chinese,english,and spanish.

2-which language uses symbols?

my son write- the language chinese.

3- which languages use the same letters?

my son write- spanish and english.

4- what three things do chinese symybols stand for?

my son write- sounds,words,and whole ideas.

5- which language do you think would be hardest to learn?why?

my son write- chinese because its kind of hard to write and speak the language.

check my son homework is right or not thank you

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  1. I agree with all of his answers.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. thank you very much

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  3. You're very welcome.

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    Ms. Sue

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