English - ms. sue

ms. sue for my metaphor, i write one line that say trees losing leaves lead to new growth of them, so i not let myself get disappointed if a write something poorly i believe in hope... i not know what add after hope.

asked by Mohammad
  1. i say i beleive in hope to grow into light?

    posted by Mohammad
  2. That's good.

    Hope keeps me going year after year.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  3. thanks ms. sue :)

    posted by Mohammad
  4. You're welcome, Mohammad.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  5. i be also able to say that i beleive in the hope of my roots to keep me complete and keep me going on in positive direction?

    posted by Mohammad
  6. Yay! Great idea!

    posted by Ms. Sue
  7. thanks very much ms. sue :)

    posted by Mohammad
  8. You're very welcome, Mohammad. :-)

    posted by Ms. Sue

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