Janet jumps off a high diving platform with a horizontal velocity of 1.73 m/s and lands in the water 1.8 s later.
How high is the platform? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 .
Answer in units of m

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  1. no initial vertical speed
    v = 0 -9.8 t
    v at water = -9.8*1.8 = - 17.6 m/s

    h = Hi + Vi t -4.9 t^2
    0 = Hi + 0 -4.9(1.8)^2
    Hi = 4.9* 1.8^2 = 15.9 m
    (very high indeed)

    The next part of the question is of course how far did Janet land from under the platform:
    d = U t = 1.73 (1.8) = 3.11 m

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  2. I love you

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