does anyone know the preterite forms of GUSTAR, IMPORTAR, and ENCONTRAR

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  1. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. These 3 verbs are usually used in the 3rd person singular and plural. That is NOT to say the forms can't be used.

    gustar = gusté, gustaste, gustó, gustamos, gustaron (to please)
    te gusté = literally I did please you but translated you liked me!
    me gustó = I liked ONE thing or one thing pleased me
    me gustaron = I liked two or more things or two or more things did please me

    importar = importé, importaste, importó, importamos, importaron (to be important)

    encontrar = encontré, encontraste, encontró, encontramos, encontraron (to meet, find)

    The good news is that 3 verbs are regular -ar verbs in the Preterit


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