Write an equivalent FRACTION to 5/8 that has a denominator of 40

then reduce 25/40 = 5/8 or would the answer still be 25/40

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  1. To do this is simply if you remember how to convert from one denominator to the other. I start by writing the two numbers side by side like so.
    5/8 = ?/40
    Then 8 goes into 40 how many times? That would be 5. Then 5 x the numerator = 25, so the answer is 25/40. You can always check it to see if it reduces to 5/8 and it will because both numerator and denominator can be divided by 5 to give 5/8.

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  2. Your set up is correct.

    I will replace ? with x and solve for x.

    5/8 = x/40

    We now cross-multiply.

    8 times x = 8x.

    5 times 40 = 200

    We now have:

    8x = 200

    To find x, we divide both sides of the equation by 8.

    x = 200/8

    x = 25

    What is the same fraction as 5/8?

    The answer is 25/40.


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