how much is one acre i cant find out and i want an exact answer because all the things online say between this number and that number and it bothers me so please tell me what the answer is so i can go back to my school and feel confedent bye bye and yes i am a tomboy

Type this in the google search engine:

1 acre in square feet

One acre is exacly 1/640 of a square mile. "Forty acres", a unit in which some homesteaded plots were divided, is exactly 1/16 of a square mile, which could be a square 1/4 mile on a side, for example.

If you want a conversion of acres to square feet, hectares or square meters, may I suggest

How do I do I simplify a problem like this 3x+2/15x(sqaured)+16x+4

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asked by Haley

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