please check my english homework

My homework is to find 2 quotes from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn that are examples of satire and then give an explanation of Twain's satire (include the device of satire being used). Please critique my writing and also check to see that the devices of satire that I used are correct. Thanks.

1. Quotation: “By and by they fetched the !@#$%^&ers in and had prayers, and then everybody was off to bed” (Twain 5).
Explanation of Twain’s satire: By incorporating this religious incident with a satirical approach, Twain is able to express his opinion about his strong aversion toward devious church goers and fraudulent religious practices in which people perform these tasks simply with the sole purpose of wanting to be a better “Christian”, inattentive to the heart-felt meaning behind it. The quote is an example of how even though Miss Watson firmly believes that she will go to Heaven and is trying to do whatever she can to seem like she is a better Christian, she still owns slaves and treats them like property. Although she lives under circumstances where she holds Bibles studies, says prayers, teaches Huck to live with manners, and does any religious practice that will make her seem like she is morally correct, the satirical aspect is the fact that she practices slavery in which she shows a lack of respect for the slaves, is morally culpable, and shows antithetical Christian behavior. By owning slaves, she is going against the image of herself that she wants to convey, which is doing the right thing and leading a Christian way of life. However, she disregards the fact that owning a slave is a moral sin, acts as though she has done nothing wrong, and believes that because she prays she is an ideal Christian. Irony is used because even though she says prayers and acts Christian, she also practices slavery.

2. Quotation: “Oh, yes, this is a wonderful govment, wonderful govment, wonderful. Why looky here, there was a free !@#$%^&er there from Ohio...” (Twain 27).
Explanation of Twain’s satire: In this quote, Twain satirizes the government and the racist views of Pap, who holds the belief that blacks do not deserve the right to vote. Pap’s complaints are satirical because he treats the black guy from Ohio in an inhumane way, as if he is a lot better than the guy, but in reality the guy is a college professor and a lot more educated and intelligent than Pap who is drunk all the time, can not speak in a proper or scholarly manner, or even pronounce the word “government” correctly. While Pap is illiterate, violent, and racist the black man is clean cut and knowledgeable. Pap serves as a symbol of the southern whites who are not open-minded and have issues with the government for allowing blacks to vote. The southern whites are opposed to blacks voting because they look at blacks as being below them and believe that they do not deserve any positive treatment from the government, yet the satire is that they do not realize that a lot of the blacks are more accomplished than them. Mockery is used when Pap mocks the government about how southern states can’t do anything about the northern states, who have abolished slavery. The quote uses sarcasm and irony because Pap is saying that the “govment” is wonderful but he does not truly mean it. Also, invective is used because Pap is constantly talking about the blacks in a disrespectful, harsh manner.

First question - Your analysis is very good! However, you have repeated yourself several times. Check for that in your writing.

Second question - I would not use the word "guy"
Grammar - "more accomplished than THEY" not them. Again, you analysis is right on the target.

Twain again is using religious hypocrisy when Huck states, “Next Sunday we all went to church…The men took their guns along, so did Buck, and kept them between their knees or stood them handy against the wall”. (109) The Grangerford-Shepherdson’s who also make up the white community claim to be religious, but they do not follow the teachings. These people go to church to pray to God but when they are done they go out and kill people. The Grangerford-Shepherdson’s only go to church to make them look good in front of others.

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