Mrs Lee was given $1200 every month for the household expenses.She used 17/24 of it to buy food for the family, 5/7 of the remainder for clothes and other expenses.She put the remaining money into the bank as savings for the family.Find the amount she put into the bank ?

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  1. The remainder of available funds after buying food is 7/24 of $1200 or $350. After spending 5/7 of that ($250) for clothing and other expenses, $100 is left.

    This could also be computed from the formula
    X = 1200(1 - 17/24)(1 - 5/7)
    =1200(7/24)(2/7) = 1200*(1/12)

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  2. $100

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  3. a swimming pool is 50 m long and 20m wide and its depth varies uniforms from 1m to 3.5m. find the volume of the pool in cubic meters

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