Our French class was given an assignment where each student would write a letter in French to a child in the 5th grade. I have looked up letter writing in French but I can only find ways to write formal letters. How would I begin the letter when writing to a young person I do not know as well as end the letter? Also, since it is like a pen-pal thing and for a young child learning a bit of French, would it be best to write simple things like my age, my family members, things I like to do, etc. in the letter?

Thanks so much if anyone could possibly tell me or give a website!

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asked by Adeline
  1. This website seems to cover what you need.

  2. Well, I already went there and it seemed a little too formal for a 5th grader learning basic French. Maybe i should just begin with Bonjour! and call it good :)

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    posted by Adeline
  3. When I was a child I had pen pals from around the world. I'm sure we started our letters, Chere Antoinette. (An accent should be over the first e.)

    But -- I'm sure that Bonjour will be fine also.

    Please check back here tomorrow because I'm sure SraJMcGinn will also comment on your post with excellent advise.

  4. Thanks, I will!

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    posted by Adeline
  5. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Good advice above. The easiest way to begin is by introducing yourself, telling about your family, school, activities. Write as though you were actually speaking to the person and be sure to ask questions so it will be easier for that person to answer your letter. Use the structures, vocabulary, grammar you have studied in class. Bonne chance!


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