A piece of land measures 3 3/4 acres and is for sale at $60,000. What is the price per acre?

How do I set this up?
15/4 divided by 60,000/1????

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  1. I'd first turn the 3 3/4 acres into a decimal since this can be done easily. Then, divide the total amount by the number of acres.
    60,000 divided by 3.75 should give you the price per acre.
    Good luck!

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  2. I can not use decimals yet I need to work this out in fraction form and that is why I am stuck.

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  3. Okay, we can do it by leaving your 3 3/4 in fraction form. It is still a division problem, so you will have to use the reciprocal of the 3 3/4.
    60,000 divided by 3 3/ must turn the 3 3/4 into an improper fraction..15/4. Now you have 60,000 divided by 15/4
    In order to divide a fraction, you must invert or use the reciprocal of the "divided by" and change it to multiplication. So we have
    60.000/1 x 4/15 = 240.000/15
    Now, divide the numerator by the denominator and you will have your answer.

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  4. okay now I see what I was doing wrong. I was multiplying 1/60,000 by 15/4 instead og 60,000/1

    my final answer is $16,000

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  5. Exactly:)

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  6. how do i find 1/8 of 56

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  7. what is 1/8 of 56

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  8. 3 3/4 divided by 60,000
    3 3/4 * 1/60,000 because you change to the reciprocal
    change 3 3/4 to 15/4
    SO 15/4 * 1/60,000

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