sra McGuin

Hi I hope you are feeling better

I have 4 sentences.

answer the questions positively using complete sentences. Present - preterite - I am so confused on this thank you

- Te cepillaste los dientes despues de comer?

- Se maquilla Julia antes de salir a bailar?

Se duchan ustedes antes de entrar en la piscina?

Se pones sombreros los turistas cuando van a la playa?

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  1. Go to google and type in spanish english translater, or something. Then type in those sentences and the sentence in english would pop up.

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  2. Thank you for using the Jiska Homework Help Forum. Today I had hand surgery and can only use one finger with the right hand.

    You say present to preterit but the first sentence is preterit! That would be preterit to preterit? If so = Sí, me cepillé los dientes después de comer.

    #2 pres to pret = Sí, Julia se maquilló etc.

    Nosotros nos duchamos etc.

    It can't be "Se pones" BUT "Se ponen" = Los turistas se pusieron etc.


    P.S. I don't understand the 2nd post.

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