3 grade english ms sue

directions replace the sound in each word with the correct combination of letters. choose one of the combinations in the box. write the word on the line.

/er/spelled ir,er,ur,ear,or ar spelled

or spelled or,ore,oar

1- moth/er/ my son write (mother)

2-h/er/t my son write(hurt)

3-w/er/d my son write(word)

4-st/or/y my son write(story)

5-lock/er my son write (locker)

6-y/ar/d my son write (yard)

7-b/er/dhouse my son write (birdhouse)

8-s/or/ing my son write (soaring)

9-m/or/ my son write (more)

10-l/er/n my son write (learn)

11-invet/er my son write (inventer)

12-st/ar/t my son write (start)

directions each sentence has two words in ().underline the word that is spelled correctly

13-The U.S.President is sometimes called the (leader, leadir) of the free world. my son underline the word is leader

14- Grapes can be either green or (perple, purple). my son underline the word is purple

15-Dad has an (armful,oarmful)of dirty clothes. my son underline the word armful

16-We agreed to meet after our (fearst,first)class of the morning. my son underlinr ther word us first

17-Will they come (befor,before)or after the party. my son underline the word is before

18-The old desk was not (worth,wurth) the price they wanted for it. my son underline the word is worth

19- Breakfast is usually the (earliest,erliest)meals of the day. my son underline the word is earliest

20-Look on the(chort,chart)to find your name.my son underline the word is chart


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asked by dw
  1. Yay! All are correct.

    I'm sorry about the wrong fact/opinion answers. I believe I was thinking more like an adult than a third grader.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. thank you very checking my son homework and that's ok for fact/opinion homework well next time we will do our best i am sorry too keep always smile like me i am always smile what ever situation came this is our first time wrong so no heart feels all is well once again thank you (:-) keep smile

    posted by dw
  3. ok

    posted by dw

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